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17 Mesha Grammer Ploss

Mescha Grammer Ploss

Mescha Grammer Ploss is a senior healthcare executive that has a combined 10+ years of experience. Her particular strengths are legal, healthcare and policy consulting, along with M&A, operational and compliance risk management. She began her career as a medical malpractice defense attorney, working with clients such as CNA and Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She moved over to the Illinois Attorney General’s office and worked closely with citizen protection agencies and helped create and implement legal policies and protections for at-risk communities. 

As a Regional Attorney Advisor for the US Social Security Administration, she advised Federal Judges on the practice and implementation of Federal Disability law, its budgetary controls and its procedural implementation. With an understanding that she has always occupied the legal and policy spaces, she decided to formalize her experience at the University of Chicago’s Harris School. 

As a result, she was able to assist United HealthCare expand their Medicaid reach with prison populations, and assist the University of Chicago in creating the Southside’s first trauma center in nearly three decades. Currently, she applies these experiences to tackling health disparities in outcomes as it relates to race and gender. As a Senior Advisor/Practice Director for Leavitt Partners and founder of JoiHealth, she has  developed curriculum and trained federal and state agencies, hospital systems, and alliances on practical, evidence based solutions to these problems

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