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Exeter’s solution strategies

The Exeter Group provides actionable assessments, and tailored solutions. In partnership with a healthcare organization’s leadership, we design customized talent acquisition, leadership, and organizational development solutions. 

Our unique approach integrates research, practice, and actionable data with the overall goal of improving the quality of healthcare services and products.


Healthcare organizations have many questions about their DEI performance, including:

  • “What does it mean to be an inclusive organization?”
  • “Do we have the right strategy in place to increase equity and decrease disparities for employees, patients, suppliers, and the community we serve?”
  • “What DEI competencies need to be developed to improve patient experience and outcomes by different subgroups?”
  • “How do we create a psychologically safe space, and do we have the mechanisms in place to do so?”
  • “Is spend the only measure of impact for our supplier diversity strategy?”

Many organizations have workforce, supplier, and patient data that could provide answers, but may not have the time, the resources to analyze, or the ability to interpret the information in a manner that drives understanding and action.

Exeter’s Assessment solutions answer these questions and more. Our analysis of qualitative and quantitative data identifies strengths and opportunities to establish a current state. We also pinpoint and execute solutions to address the opportunities for an improved future state. The assessment process assists organizations in meeting employee and patient needs from a data-driven perspective.

We ready organizations for change. We take them through a proven change management process to help operationalize DEI through action planning.

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We work with you to decipher your organizational data and build a plan that targets specific opportunities for growth with tactics that are proven and impactful to help you better serve your communities.