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Based on your selection, your organization might be in Maturity Level 1.

At Level One, you may notice that your organization:

Asset Is enthusiastic about embedding DEI across the organization

Asset Has identified a DEI internal champion

Asset Has attempted to foster a safe space for employees to discuss their DEI-related concerns

Your organization is open to learning and change, and you are setting the foundation for important conversations that will help you establish more formal DEI programs, metrics, and measurement. It’s the perfect place to begin!

For organizations in this stage, we recommend the following solutions

Through a comprehensive DEI Assessment, we collect qualitative and quantitative data to identify meaningful findings to advance DEI and make strategic and tactical recommendations.

Through training, we build culturally responsive organizations in order to improve patient and employee satisfaction, the quality of clinical care delivered, and patient health outcomes.

Interested in Learning More?

We work with you to decipher your organizational data and build a plan that targets specific opportunities for growth with tactics that are proven and impactful to help you better serve your communities.