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Your organization has a DEI dashboard in place

Maturity Level 3.

At Level Three, you may notice that your organization:

Asset Has a formal leader for diversity at Director level or above

Asset Has an internal team or external consultants to support DEI initiatives

Asset Has a budget to support your DEI strategic action plan

Asset Has a DEI dashboard in place to measure progress

Asset Has trained 100% of senior leaders on implicit bias, microaggressions/micro-inequities, and inclusive language

Asset Has trained 50% of all leaders on these key topics

With training already underway and a full team to support initiatives, you are ready to scale. At Level Three, you can make more informed recommendations and be confident that you have the resources needed to support them. Plus, your dashboard provides you a real-time look at your progress.

For organizations in this stage, we recommend the following solutions

Once organizations have identified gaps in diverse representation in their workforce, we conduct a data-driven retained search to drive diversity in every candidate pool at every level of the organization.

We structure a 5-year training plan to systematically build DEI competencies across leadership and staff.

We facilitate the creation and implementation of an organization’s supplier diversity strategy by leveraging change management principles to create enterprise-wide alignment around supplier diversity strategy.

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We work with you to decipher your organizational data and build a plan that targets specific opportunities for growth with tactics that are proven and impactful to help you better serve your communities.