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Your organization has a DEI scorecard in place to assess compliance and effectiveness integrating DEI strategy.

Maturity Level 5.

At Level Five, you may notice that your organization:

Asset Has a Chief Diversity Officer

Asset Has fully funded its DEI budget

Asset Has a diverse supply chain that reflects the community you serve

Asset Has a sustained effort to combat racial and other inequities in your community

Asset Has triangulated zip codes for employees, patients, and suppliers to leverage SDOH data to make informed decisions

Asset Has a board and senior leadership which reflect the community you serve

Asset Administers an annual DEI survey

Asset Has a DEI scorecard in place to assess accountability, compliance, and effectiveness of your DEI progress

Asset Has mitigated bias across the employee lifecycle

DEI is a core to your organization, and you have now focused on continued measurement of your current state and continual improvement. Through annual reviews, surveys, and scorecards, you commit to evaluating the decisions you’ve already made and iterate to make them even stronger.

For organizations in this stage, we recommend the following solutions

We design, develop, implement, and evaluate customized organizational development solutions.

We develop and implement a level 3 and level 4 evaluation of training and education efforts to gauge efficacy.

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We work with you to decipher your organizational data and build a plan that targets specific opportunities for growth with tactics that are proven and impactful to help you better serve your communities.