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COA360 Assessment


A pediatric hospital in the Midwest administered Exeter’s Cultural Competency Organizational Assessment (COA360) to establish a baseline for the organization. The client appreciated that the COA360 questions are aligned with the Joint Commission Standards and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation Healthcare Equality Index Core Four, among others.

The survey was administered online to all employees
The results highlighted what the organization was doing well and what they needed to improve with respect to cultural competence.

The Client

  • Children’s hospital in the Midwest
  • Ranked nationally in several specialties
  • 4,000+ Employees
  • 1,200 Physicians

The Challenge

The CHRO did not have a Chief Diversity Officer in place yet. In addition, he did not have resources for a full organizational assessment.

However, he wanted to solicit employees’ insights using a valid and reliable tool that was easy to administer and generated interpretable findings.

He also valued the fact that the COA360 quantifies an organization’s cultural competency versus an individual’s.

The Solution

Exeter first assessed the organization’s level of cultural competency (using our COA360 tool) to establish a baseline.

We then engaged the CEO to endorse the training effort to the entire workforce and encourage buy-in.

Exeter designed communication, developed training schedule, created follow-up process, worked with client to refine content and delivery based on trainee feedback.

The Results

This administration of the COA yielded many ‘wins’ for the organization. First, the actual response rate exceeded the CHRO’s anticipated response rate. Further, the administration of the survey generated rich conversations about cultural competence, diversity, and inclusion across the organization.

The survey findings were equally encouraging. It confirmed some strengths and opportunities with respect to cultural competence, and introduced new areas to leverage and improve. This quantifiable baseline provided a tangible foundation upon which to build.

The CHRO stated, “These results will allow us to better advance our discussion around cultural competency and create a better work environment for all.”.

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