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Human Capital Strategy Development


A CHRO, new to a six-hospital system in the Northeast, sought to understand the current state of the organization for patients, employees, and the communities served across the state. The Exeter Group was charged with developing a Human Capital Strategy, thereby equipping the CHRO with the analytics needed to improve identified opportunities.

Conducted a comprehensive assessment inside and outside the organization
Identified meaningful findings from qualitative and quantitative data that told a story
Developed strategic and operational plans aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives

The Client

Leading non-profit health care system in the Northeastern seaboard

  • 16,000+ employees
  • 6 locations
  • Recently acquired 2 hospitals

The Challenge

The CHRO understood the power of leveraging data to understand the current state and drive a better future state.

New to the organization, this executive wanted a “snapshot” of the Human Resources function and how it impacts business performance.

To accomplish these goals, the CHRO requested that Exeter collect and analyze workforce, patient, and community data.

The Solution

Exeter’s organizational assessment included many stakeholders and assembled many pieces of qualitative and quantitative data.

We analyzed employee lifecycle data (recruitment, development, retention, and engagement) by subgroup. We also examined patient REaL data and outcome data by subgroup. Finally, we facilitated interviews and focus groups with employees, community partners, and patients.

The Result

Telling a story about the organization was very important to the CHRO. To this end, Exeter analyzed the data and extracted meaningful findings that told stories about internal and external stakeholders’ experience. For example, we reviewed the organization’s leadership development initiatives and participant data by subgroup to determine the impact of training on performance scores, promotions, and retention. Armed with this ROI information, the CHRO used this story to overhaul the existing leadership and succession development program.

Collectively, the numerous stories that we uncovered culminated in a Human Capital Strategy aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives. We also developed Operations Reports which outlined how each HR component tactically supported the strategy across the entire employee lifecycle.

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