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Succession Development


A public health network needed to determine their bench strength for leadership roles, understand the diversity of their leaders, and ensure that all subgroups of employees were being developed equally. The Exeter Group:

Analyzed leader demographics and bench strength
Developed top performer profiles and career development plans
Managed the roll-out of succession development to all employees

The Client

  • Public county health network
  • 6,000+ employees
  • 40+ locations including a
  • 500+ bed hospital, outpatient care center, and psychiatric services facility
  • 1 million+ patient encounters per year

The Challenge

The Board of Directors suspected that not all employees were being developed equally, that the number of diverse leaders was too low, and that time-to- fill for key positions was very high. The CHRO needed to:

  • Understand leader demographics
  • Evaluate bench strength of leaders
  • Ensure all employees were being developed
  • Reduce time-to-fill key roles

The Solution

  • Exeter developed an assessment tool for the evaluation of 260+ leaders, analyzed the demographic, performance, potential, and readiness data of the leaders, and developed a presentation for the CHRO to present the demographic and bench strength data to the Board.
  • Exeter conducted 360° assessments to determine key knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences for each department in the organization.

The Results

Exeter developed a Top Performer Profile for each of the network’s 18 departments. These profiles help leaders understand key competencies that are necessary to be successful in their departments as well as identify development opportunities that will help them advance in the organization.

Using the assessments and Top Performer Profiles, Exeter developed Career Development Plans for 34 top performing leaders in the organization to immediately begin improving bench strength for critical positions in the organization.

Finally, Exeter developed a phased approach to implement Succession Development to all employees, trained all leaders with direct reports to assess their teams and create Career Development Plans, and project-managed the roll out of the initiative to all 6,000 employees.

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