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Your organization has an internal team to support the ongoing implementation of DEI, have recieved training, and are funded.

Maturity Level 4.

At Level Four, you may notice that your organization:

Asset Has a fully dedicated Vice President of DEI or Chief Diversity Officer

Asset Has hired a fully dedicated DEI team

Asset Has a fully funded budget

Asset Has trained the entire workforce on implicit bias, microaggressions/micro-inequities, and inclusive language, and has a mechanism in place to train new hires within 90 days

Asset Has a system in place to review any new contextual documentation with an equity lens

Asset Has leadership compensation that is impacted by DEI goal attainment

You have a fully functional DEI team led by an executive leader. DEI has become embedded into the fiber of your organization, and you have made significant progress training and equipping not just leaders, but your entire staff—which helps transform organizational culture.

For organizations in this stage, we recommend the following solutions

Through equity coaching, we elevate individual coaching to provide leaders with the strategic and tactical support needed to impact diversity, equity, and inclusion within their units, departments and/or functions.

We engage in a deep dive into your talent acquisition process and hiring data to identify areas of inequity for the full recruitment lifecycle.

We create comprehensive dashboards that integrate patient, workforce, supplier, and community data for advancing health equity across the enterprise.

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We work with you to decipher your organizational data and build a plan that targets specific opportunities for growth with tactics that are proven and impactful to help you better serve your communities.