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Increasing MBEs in High-Priority Zip Codes

The Challenge

In 2019, one of the largest faith-based health systems in the country faced a two-fold challenge:

  • Finding candidates for hard-to-fill positions for facilities where geographic location was an obstacle
  • Hiring diverse candidates at the manager level and above in their organization

The client engaged Exeter’s Open Source Search (OSS) solution. OSS is a flat-fee candidate pool augmentation solution that aided this organization’s internal recruitment team by attracting and vetting interested candidates who were diverse and/or interested in the client’s geographic location.

The Solution

OSS allows recruiters to leverage outside support for a specific phase of recruitment – prospect identification/name generation or candidate development. Most assignments are completed within 45 days. Through Exeter’s proprietary search strategies, clients can expect their recruiters to be provided with:

  • Access to a greater quantity of interested, high quality, and diverse candidates
  • Decreased time-to-fill
  • Access to Exeter’s existing, pipelines of candidates in lieu of hiring events

The Process


The Results

As a result of this engagement, the client was able to increase the quality and diversity of their candidate pool and decrease time-to-fill. They received already vetted interested candidates, allowing for more productive interviews with stakeholders. Exeter also completed reference checks for top candidates while they were still in process allowing internal recruiters to focus on identifying and engaging candidates. Exeter’s OSS service provided the client with 3-times the number of requested candidates for each position, affording them greater choice in selecting an ideal candidate for traditionally hard-to-fill positions.

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