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In the September issue of the Chicago Health Executives Forum (CHEF) Newsletter, our very own Audra Davis, PsyD describes the many benefits of using good data to make healthcare Diversity and Inclusion initiatives more than just “feel good” activities. Check out her article, Diversity and Inclusion as a Tool that Healthcare Leaders Can Utilize for Real Change, here! CHEF is a local chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives. Dr. Davis is a member of CHEF’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Learn more about Exeter’s Diversity and Inclusion Solutions here and examples of our past work here. _______________ Audra Davis, PsyD, is an Organizational Psychologist who connects research with practice. She leverages formal training, unending passion and a nearly 20-year track record of successfully developing people and organizations’ potential to bridge where they are and where they want to be. Dr. Davis is Managing Partner and leads the Organizational Development practice at Exeter. For the past several years, her exclusive focus has been supporting healthcare executives in developing culturally-competent and capable workforces. She helps organizations provide quality patient care through diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence strategies and practices.