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There is an art to successfully attracting talented nursing professionals. Our painting starts with a blank canvas of data points such as location, academics, and technical expertise. As we apply paint to our canvas, we move beyond data points and delve into leadership, character, and cultural competence.
According to the American Journal of Medical Quality’s 2017 report, “United States Registered Nurse Workforce Report Card and Shortage Forecast,” a shortage of more than 150,000 registered nurses is predicted by 2020 and a shortages of over 500,000 registered nurses by 2030. With the pool of viable candidates continuing to shrink, we skillfully draw from internal organizational development resources to assess candidates for these intangible traits. This expertise, in conjunction with the talent acquisition team dedicated exclusively to identifying and recruiting nurses, allows us to arrive at the artistry that separates the good candidate from the great nurse.
Good nurses understand that they are the gravitational force that unite the healthcare universe comprised of patients and their families, doctors, hospital administration, other staff, and the communities they serve. Great nurses accept this role with humility.
Good nurses are kind. Great nurses balance compassion and empathy as they ease the fear and anxiety of patients and their families.
Good nurses are good at what they do and are open to the next great opportunity. Great nurses are committed to their teams and their patients which further complicates building the case for them to consider a new opportunity.
Successfully recruiting nurses who are outstanding is complicated. The Exeter Group understands the art.