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The job of a healthcare HR professional is a balancing act.  You must stay abreast of changes happening in healthcare, consistent changes in demographics, and evolving workplace expectations from the existing and onboarding employees.

The candidate experience in recruiting cannot be taken for granted and must be carefully crafted and cultivated.  When considering their own brand, hospitals often make the mistake of offering blanket perks and incentives as easy recruiting tactics.  This process does not yield a real understanding of what candidates actually want and does little to help their organization stand out in a crowd.  Internal employee surveys can help employers understand why their best employees want to work for them.  The best recruiting strategies usually arise from this process while also strengthening the hospital’s brand.

A mutual understanding of value proposition from the perspectives of employees and candidates will help define, improve, and optimize the recruiting experience. Hospitals and healthcare systems that tell a proven and compelling story about their brand present themselves in a more favorable manner.  These stories are often what resonate with candidates most and can be the driving factor in where they take their career.

Innovative companies can partner with big idea healthcare consulting firms to measure and improve the candidate experience, saving an organization time and money in their onboarding efforts and adding to a more lean and data-driven recruiting process.  This may well be the differentiator between your organization and other top-performing organizations.

Access to a well-developed and talent-driven pipeline well before it is needed is tantamount to recruiting, yet a continuous struggle for most HR professionals given the complexities of a limited talent pool.  Most organizations still face significant problems and gaps in diversity around board members, executive leadership, and mid-level management.  When hospitals consider their organizational strategies, they benefit most from suppliers who are also committed to diversity and inclusion.  Data concludes these companies almost always outpace their competitors.

Having an executive recruitment firm that engages in highly-qualified searches with the added ability to provide workforce solutions outside the scope of traditional search firms:  leadership development; workforce planning; and survey-based tools that leverage employees and patient’s performance and expectations, results in strong and lean hospitals and healthcare systems.

As we look ahead to the new year, now is the time to review your existing recruiting strategies and current state of assessment.  What is the candidate experience like at your organization? This effort is best achieved with a solution-oriented partner who can provide 360 degree feedback to highlight areas of success, unpack hidden biases, and create impactful road maps to improvement.

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Nina Turnage joined the Exeter Group in 2016 as an Account Executive.  High-spirited and tenacious, Nina has worn many hats in her professional career before arriving at the Exeter Group.  In her current role, she engages hospital leaders and HR professionals nationwide, helping to source and develop exceptional leaders and a talented and diverse workforce.